Well-Coordinated and Responsible Team

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Well-Coordinated and Responsible Team

Apparently there are no consumer reports that compare the pros + cons of wastewater and septic systems – I asked! Each of three ROWP’s that we spoke to previous to CSSI came to quick proposals for our septic solution which tied us into specific treatment plants that we simply could not evaluate independently. From our first visit with Kelly it was obvious that a full range of solutions could be narrowed down by adequate testing, owner preferences for the property and sensitivity to cost. Basically, we had a huge level of comfort in the planning phase by knowing that Kelly was directing the testing and thinking through the options. In the build phase the CSSI team was very well co-ordinated and responsible. Their attention to landscaping the finished field bed was a pleasant surprise, and the clean-up was thorough. Much Appreciated! We know a solution that will serve us and any future owners here very well. Thank You!

- Carolyn K. October 23, 2018

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