Real Estate Sewage System Inspections

CSSi conducts inspections of onsite sewage systems as part of the due diligence during real estate transactions. Most buyers get building inspections, but building inspectors specifically will not cover a septic system or onsite sewage system. Therefore, if the home has a septic system, prudent buyers retain us to inspect the septic system. Considering that the cost of a new system is now often more than $25,000 when re-landscaping is considered – it is worth inspecting the sewage system.

CSSi tries to inspect the entire system to verify where it is located and whether or not it is working properly. It is amazing how often septic fields go onto the neighbour’s property. We use pipe cameras and electronic locating devices to find buried components. If necessary, we will dig up buried components to obtain a better understanding of any underlying issues. Sometimes a pump-out of the septic tank is advisable.


Inspection Costs

Real Estate Inspections typically cost between $650 and $950 + GST. Costs are based on the time it takes us to inspect the system, write the report, and travel to and from the site. For inspections on the Gulf Islands, additional ferry or water taxi costs will apply.

Seller Inspections

Many proactive home sellers are hiring Canadian Sewage Solutions to inspect their onsite sewage system prior to putting their house on the market. This limits the chances of a last minute surprise that threatens the sale. If some problems are found, they can be dealt with in a timely manner by the homeowner rather than create a reason for a nervous buyer to terminate the deal.

CSSi Inspection Report

CSSi produces an inspection report with observations, conclusions, and recommendations. Budgeted costs are provided for any recommendations listed in the report. The report is typically available to you one (1) business day after the inspection.

Site Assessments & Design

We provide detailed sewage site assessments and engineer appropriate designs for what you need.

Professional Service & Care

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