We Provide Comprehensive Maintenance Services for Septic Systems

Most engineers designing systems, ROWP Planners, and Installers do not do maintenance.

We do maintenance on systems we install and many others. Doing maintenance teaches us lessons. We get to see on an ongoing basis the operation and performance of the wide variety of sewage systems. This has two great benefits: we learn which systems work best under which circumstances (this feeds into our designs), and we learn how to design our systems to make maintenance easier and more cost-effective.

CSSi maintains all types of onsite sewage systems with any type of treatment plant.

We have a dedicated maintenance van with three different sewer pipe cameras. We also have auger rooting snakes and all the equipment needed to troubleshoot.

If CSSi designs and installs the system, we will produce a detailed operation and maintenance manual. If CSSi has not designed the system, we can provide maintenance for the system following the existing maintenance plan for the system, or we can prepare a new operation and maintenance manual if a good plan does not exist.

Sewage System Maintenance

Maintenance is one of those things in life that we often put off because of the expense. This seems to be true for many things including our health (not exercising regularly and eating too many carbohydrates), our vehicles (skipping oil changes), our computers (anti-virus, anti-spyware checks), our home furnaces (not cleaning the air filters). Maintenance of an onsite sewage system is one more of those things that must be done regularly or you can expect your system to fail prematurely. Under the BC Sewerage System Regulation, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the onsite sewage system is maintained according to its maintenance plan. The prudent home owners are finding that when a new system is installed it is wise to sign up for regular maintenance.

Maintenance Contracts


Initially, we will perform the initial maintenance on a cost-plus basis as per our service rates. Once we have completed the initial maintenance, we will have a good idea on what the maintenance costs will be going forward and can provide you a maintenance contract for your onsite sewage system.

Site Assessments & Design

We provide detailed sewage site assessments and engineer appropriate designs for what you need.

Professional Service & Care

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