Professional Sewage System Installations

CSSi installs and repairs all types of onsite sewage systems:

  • Basic gravity septic systems
  • Pressurized distribution systems with either pumps or siphons
  • Drip distribution systems
  • Systems with treatment plants
  • Commercial and residential lift stations
  • Residential onsite sewage systems
  • Commercial onsite sewage systems for malls, restaurants, pubs, schools, office buildings, veterinary buildings, service stations, and camps.

CSSi has a depth of experience and training that many other installers don’t have. Therefore, beyond the cost-effective range for hauling heavy equipment (north of Duncan and on the Gulf Islands), we often work cooperatively with a local ROWP installer. The local ROWP provides and operates their heavy equipment and CSSi provides specialized support and installs the pumps, controls and treatment plants.

CSSi Equipment

  • 2 mini excavators
  • 1 skid steer
  • 1 dump truck
  • 1 plate compactor
  • 2 service vans
  • Jack hammer
  • Pickup trucks
  • Tool trailer
  • Sewer pipe cameras
  • Active frequency locator
  • Jumping jack
  • Hilti drills
  • High pressure drain cleaner
  • Drain cleaning augers / rooters
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Infrared camera

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Site Assessments & Design

We provide detailed sewage site assessments and engineer appropriate designs for what you need.

Professional Service & Care

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